Restokian ranked in top 15 Coaches in Canada 2021

1073 has ranked Nataly Restokian among the top 15 Coaches in Canada in 2021! has also interviewed the award winning author and Life Coach.

Here is a glimpse of the interview:

“We are honoured to present Nataly Restokian to our interview series! She is a very nice and inspiring woman. You can’t miss this interview we had with Nataly, because it will surely catch your attention. Nataly is a world-renowned Life & Wellness Coach. She has over 17 years of journalism and Tv show hosting in Lebanon and the Arab world. She holds a Life & Wellness Coach ACSTH/CCA diploma from Canada Coach Academy. On top of that, she is the author of the novel “MASKS” (a must-read!) This novel had become an award-winning novel, and she had been recognized by the press to be the first female public figure who dared to write a fictional dark novel based on true life events & became the voice of so many who do not dare to speak up in Lebanon & the Arab world. We are honoured to have Nataly for this interview! With any further adieu, please read on 🙂”

To read the full interview click this link.


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