The first female public figure who dared…


The first female public figure who dared to write a fictional dark novel based on true life events & became the voice of so many who do not dare to speak up in Lebanon & the Arab world.

Nataly Restokian is a granddaughter of Armenian genocide survivors born and raised in Lebanon.
Eleven years ago, she left her whole life behind and followed her heart, remarried & settled in Canada.
Restokian’s experience includes nearly two decades of journalism and television as an actress and a live T.V, show host and a radio host in the Lebanese and Arabic society. Eventually, she rose through the ranks, living the unspeakable until she gave it all up for a chance at happiness and true love. Through Anna, the protagonist, I am revealing the taboos and stories that unfold behind closed doors, the hidden traps found within the glamorous circles of fame and fortune.

She experienced the downfalls of the show-business industry, and through Masks, exposing its’ uncensored reality.

Nataly Restokian is the first female public figure from Lebanon and the Arab world to dare to break her cultural chains and publish English novel Masks in the West that won two international awards. As an author, she is exposing the reality of the treatment of women, especially celebrities in the entertainment industry. “People have no idea what is going on over there for successful women, how much they have to give up,” she said.
Restokian had signed an exclusive deal with ACX AMAZON for the audiobook of Masks, which is narrated by the well-known American narrator Nicole Rene.

She has a degree in English Literature, from Lebanon, she was a teacher in Math & English before stepping into the T.V. business.

She worked as a marketing manager for three different economic Arabic magazines, and she later had the chance to be a journalist, an actress and a Live T.V. show host for 18 years before moving to Canada.

She also received a degree in Health and Nursing from Quebec, Canada.
Restokian is now an award-winning Canadian author, a member of Quebec Writer’s federation, A toastmaster in Toastmasters Laval Achievers & a motivational speaker.

She is in the process of writing her second novel while studying at Canada Coach Academy to receive her diploma as Life & Wellness Coach accredited by ICF.