Review by Dr.Thomas L. Law III – Oklahoma Registered Court Interpreter


Dr.Thomas L. Law III
Oklahoma Registered Court Interpreter
Four stars

Masks is an intriguing story of a young, often naïve, woman as she tries to find freedom and love in a world dominated by men. In this era of the #MeToo movement the reader will find ample evidence of how men exert power over women within their realm of influence. The abuse and dominance of these men is well documented as this young protagonist tries to make her way through a world in which she finds the only real way to advance is to submit.

The author has a tendency to wax eloquent on very philosophical themes as Anna tries to understand her past, the world around her, and her future. These musings allow the reader to peer into this young woman’s mind, heart, and maybe even into her soul. The author uses this mechanism to help the reader learn a little about the world in which the novel is set. This world is often hidden from most of us by our ignorance.

Given that much of Anna’s trek follows that of the author’s it would stand to reason that some of the material shared in the book is autobiographical. Not to say that the author has made the same decisions which her protagonist made, but the world in which the book is set is familiar to the author. Therefore, it stands to reason that many of the things which are written have been observed by the author if not experienced by her.

Given that possibility, the story becomes so much more interesting as it gives the reader a window into the Armenian people and their plight, Arab society in general and Lebanese society in particular, and the world of media, love, and family found in these cultures.

Of course, if the reader is looking for sex and the wild world of the rich and famous, the author does not let the reader down. Sex is pervasive although not graphic. The main figure, Anna, is looking for love, unfortunately, she often looks for it in the wrong places. This aspect of the book is a little over the top for me but maybe it reflects a reality of which I am not aware. Regardless, the author keeps the reader entertained by the series of events surrounding Anna’s life.


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