Podcast: Masks: Fame, Betrayal, Passion

Nataly Restokian Author Interview

Nataly Restokian Author Interview

Nataly Resokian is the author of Masks, a dark fictional tale based on true life events detailing the social sexual and religious taboos that take place in LabaNON and the Arab world, especially among the glitz and glamor of celebrities and royal families.

Masks: Fame, Betrayal, Passion

  • Why did you choose Masks as the title of your book?
  • Taking into consideration the social customs of the Arab culture, this novel is covered with many controversial characters, sexual taboos including royals, celebrities, men in power.
  • What prompted you to share so boldly about that?
  • Aren’t you afraid to face a backfire for it?
  • Do you feel the #MeToo movement are relevant to events in your novel? How so?
  • What can women take away for reading you book?
  • What is your message?

To learn more about Nataly Restokian and her new book, Masks, please visit www.NatalyRestokian.com Her book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other booksellers.

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