Let’s Do Some Social Magic


What are your thoughts on social magic?

I think that social magic is a useful tool for all of us.

It is extremely simple and does not require the use of magicians such as Harry Houdini or David Copperfield.

Are you ready for an Adrenaline rush? Awesome!

Let’s get this party started by developing some magical concepts.

I got a phone call from a wonderful friend not long ago. “I’m tired of people, Nataly; I’m stressed out; they’re so hypocritical and arrogant”, she complained.

I’m assuming she felt secure discussing such a sensitive topic with me, which I take as a compliment. (I’m blushing right now.)

“I recommend that you address the cause of your stress,” I said.

“How am I to deal with such people, what am I supposed to say exactly”? Her surprise was clear in her voice.

“Simply express your discontent to the person causing you stress”.

“That’s impolite,” she pointed out.

“What about the way they treat you? That’s not very nice, is it?” I inquired.

“Oh well, it’s impolite of them to treat me that way, but I don’t know;” She avoided answering my question, she paused then added, “I am at a bit of a loss; hmm… I am not courageous.”

“All you need is a strong mind,” I told her.

“You must be kidding now, right?” she said.

“No, I’m not kidding,” I insisted. “Why do you think I’d be kidding about anything like this?”

“Because I couldn’t imagine anybody having the audacity to say such a thing, I assumed you were kidding”. She said.

“I do,” I admitted.

“Wow, are you serious? You are very strong”.

“It’s not a fight to the death; you don’t need strength, only self-confidence and a calm demeanor”.

“Thank you, darling, but that’s too complex for me; anyway, I’ll think about it,” she replied as she ended the call.

It’s terrible to see how delicate women like her are emotionally imprisoned by society’s mythological expectations and demands, despite the fact that they might use communication skills to live a less stressful lifestyle.

Life already has a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Do you need to be influenced by slogans like “You Should” and “You Must” in addition to the complexity of the world?

Do you have to let people talk to you or treat you as they want, insult you or use you impulsively, excusing their rudeness behind the mask of social taboos, while your own sorrow and sadness are irrelevant to them?

How many of you believe that having a healthy emotional state requires waging war on society or always clashing with everyone? None of this is necessary. All you need is the mastery of magical social terminology.

I promise you will be able to avoid confrontations, effectively deal with obnoxious people, and overcome numerous obstacles and challenges.

While we have no influence over how others behave, we do have total control over how we respond to their behaviors.

Ladies let’s get this ball rolling.

“This conversation is making me uncomfortable,” you tell your mother-in-law.

“I’ve decided to avoid discussing this topic with anybody, including you,” you explain to a curious neighbor.

“I prefer not to reply to your comment,” you tell a colleague who is jealous.

“You know I love you,” you tell an invading friend; “Yet, I really need some alone time right now.”

“You’re fantastic; I’m the one with a horrible personality,” you tell a partner or a guy that you are no longer interested in dating them, it works like a charm. (I’m giggling right now).

“No, I have no desire to assist or attend “you tell a pompous family member.

Begin your requests with the strong cosmic word “PLEASE,” then a polite permission request, such as

Is it all right if I express what I’m thinking?

 “Is it possible for me to share my emotions?”

 “Do you think it’s okay if I speak my thoughts on this subject?”

Be cautious! Ignore their facial expressions, no matter how shocked they are, and simply focus on your magical terminology; end your sentence with a simple positive comment such as “I am so glad at how considerate you are towards my feelings” or “I am so grateful that you understood how I felt”.

No one is born into this world only to live a life for the sake of others.

Most people, I think, will go above and beyond what is required of them, even if it means complaining, lying, or suffering mental pain for themselves in order to impress others. What would you think of their everyday lives? Do they seem to be happy?

Here you have it, your answer.

Ladies, I eagerly await your thoughts and comments.

Never miss the fact that the choices you make in life are entirely within your control.

Please ladies, let us place a high value on our emotional well-being first, since each one of us is significant, valuable, and adorable in our own way.

“Would you please allow me to make a statement? This blog is just for women, and I appreciate your understanding and respect, guys.”

                    YOU ARE ALL AMAZING, LADIES!

                                                              I LOVE YOU ALL


  1. My dearest Nataly,
    Once again you just found the right words to address such a deep routed topic in every women’s and girls mind. The fear of speaking your mind but being perceived as rude, unpolite or disrespectful is a daily struggle and I think it’s texts like yours that help. Really help to understand and get further with this struggle. It reminds me, that I am not alone with this. And it gives me strength and also a definite action plan what to do. Thank you so much for speaking up and connecting all of us.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • I’m so happy you loved it dear Alena , if you use my social magic I’ll be thrilled if you let me know.
      Also anything on your mind you think we can discuss just let me know .
      You are awesome !

  2. Dear Nataly,
    It’s so appreciated,how you teach to express own feelings and emotions in a very truthful and honest manner.It’s so important to be honest with self,and say things as they are.
    It brings peace to the mind and comfort to the heart.Thank you and may the Lord God bless you mightily and keep you helpful to generation.

    • Aww so kind of you dear Takouhee I am so blessed to be having in my life appreciative loving and God-fearing like you.
      God bless you in Jesus name Amen 🙏😘

  3. Dear Nataly,
    It’s so appreciated,how you teach to express own feelings and emotions in a very brave and positive way.It’s so important to be honest with self,and express things truly as they are,that brings peace of mind and comfort to heart.
    May God bless you mightily and keep you helpful to generations.

  4. My wonderful friend you are so unique in each snd every way .
    I love the idea it is so organic .
    I can’t wait to try some social magic as a « « recipee »

    • thank you so much my dear Yara,I know how much you appreciate my ideas,I have no doubt at all that social magic would be so cool to try ,I laughed what a good idea to name it Recipee ,I love it !many hugs my friend.

  5. I think it takes a lot of courage and experience to simply say no, it’s enough. for some of us it comes with years of life experience and for some it comes naturally. Either way we should be able to let the other people know we are not happy. “So happy that you are here, but this conversation is draining me. Let’s change the subject, or let’s connect another time”. I love the article and that you are bringing attention to a subject that makes a lot of us uncomfortable in social situations. It brings us peace of mind and comfort.

  6. My dear Ani I agree with you with the idea that using social magic becomes a habit with time, as for only saying the word “No” in my opinion you should be ready to say next “Oh no I forgot i should go ,I had something to do that I just remembered!”

    I can see you already have your own social magic skills, Ladies we should always be careful with the words we are using to avoid conflict so the other other person could not use that specific word to drag us into an uncomfortable situation such as if you use for ex. “This conversation is draining me. ” and the person could either respond with “why is it draining you?”. Or with a “It is for your own sake, why do you take it in a negative way,”

    This is a very important point we should concentrate on ,so Thank you Ani for giving that example so I could give a tip here as the word “Draining ” is so similar to “I am not comfortable” ,then you should not give in explaining why you are not uncomfortable or draining just REPEAT the same sentence ” I simply feel the conversation is draining me,” add “I can’t explain ,I just feel so “and you are out of the Rabbit Hole.”

    “Let’s do this another time “please Ani try to avoid it(I am laughing now lol)especially if they are stubborn they will call you to remind you to continue the topic as you are not giving them a reason to close the subject just postponing it ,if I were you I wouldn’t do that , never postpone doing social magic immediately.

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I love your appreciation and interest .
    If there is any topic you want me to discuss let me know .
    I will be more than happy .

    • My darling Anahit, you always know how to recognize, embrace, and glorify what others have to give the world with no expectations other than to provide change, hope, and fortitude.
      This is due to the fact that you are a magnificent humanitarian and an Armenian musician who is known across the world for always embracing the world via your music and helping others specially Armenia .
      You are an artist not just because of your one-of-a-kind and unforgettable compositions, but also because of your heart and intellect.
      I can’t imagine how someone would react if You cast social magic on them.
      I am honored that you consider me a social activist; I think that society is us, and that every time we make a change, we gradually become the majority, eradicating all the wrongs that have been dulled by cultural clichés.
      God bless you and may the Lord always be with you always.

      • Thank you my dear friend Nataly. I agree society is us. You work to change the world for the better. You are a humanitarian and an Armenian writer and an intellectual and honest social activist. God bless you and yours always.

  7. Hello Nataly,
    Great write-up. While social magic can be great in some cases, however it may not work for everyone. One has to be open minded in order to understand certain things in life and be open to change. It could be change in behavioral situations, emotions, environment, circumstances as well. Nevertheless, you have put up a good and strong write up here. Way to go. Keep it coming.
    With love,

    • Thank you dear  Theresa, for sharing your perspective, an alternate angle that should help us shed extra light on the matter.
      As we all have unique life circumstances, environmental traditions, and society’s expectations of us, the social magic concept can be applied when absolutely required.
      Regardless of the demands of various societies, each of us already recognizes how responsive she must be in order to utilize these social magical tools.
      However, whoever already maintains a positive and healthy relationship with themselves and their environment has discovered their own tools for creating a healthy and healthy lifestyle.
      Thus, regardless of how liberal or conservative we are in our life circumstances, social dilemmas can be remedied by perceiving that these initiatives can be solved utilizing distinct forms.
      As my degree in Arts & Science of Human Relationships from the University of Toronto and my certified diploma based on the ICF program as a life coach & wellness coach ACSTH from Canada coach academy have taught me that the human mind has an extraordinary capacity to deal with life situations in society, and as my  Lord Jesus the Christ  has blessed me with the possibility of receiving these university degrees through his grace, I never hesitate to share them bountifully with you and everyone .


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