Hello world! An Author Note About “Masks”


The novel is inspired by actual life events. The paradox and the pain that I have lived, witnessed, and seen in the world of celebrities in the Arab world in secret for years made me realize that sometimes dreams that most women desire could turn out to be their worst nightmares. During the luxurious years of my career in front of the screen, I had lost many treasured things in life including my values and conscience.

Sometimes women and girls sit at home in front of the TV screen admire the lifestyle of successful females in the Arab world without knowing the cost of their fame.

The novel raises the voice of women in the Arab world especially in the world of fame who live their whole lives in deceptions & hide behind Masks fearing their social, religious and traditional taboos.

Anna, the protagonist, in the story is a controversial, daring and an ambitious character. She witnessed the Lebanese civil war, been bullied, raped, experienced unusual sexual adventures and rose through the ranks from an ordinary girl into the ranks of fame. As a married celebrity who gave away her morals, feelings & dignity, Anna had lived many sexual adventures with people of high ranks from influential businessmen to princes’ from royal family members in Gulf.

Fame, money, and power had almost destroyed her humanity and everything she once held sacred in her life. She was becoming fierce and miserable. Now she wanted a different life.

Suddenly, after a night of passion with a stranger whom she met online, her emotions slowly started breathing life back into her old self. Anna falls in love and decides to declare war against the fate she had been so far subjected to. She risks everything for a guy she knows nothing about, who lives oceans apart and promises her nothing except his heart. There comes a time when the human eye could not differ between ambitions and greed, between happiness and lies, between integrity and taboos and inevitably hide behind masks to hide their secrets.

Society. Tradition. Religion. All dictating rules, urging us to wear a mask, repressing our strength, defiance, passion. Do you dare to emerge from the crowd and surround yourself with the few who know your true face? Do you have the courage to remove the mask and taste freedom? Do you have the power to destroy it for a chance at true happiness?

Life is full of chances, do not be scared, follow your heart, true love still exists in this materialistic world; do not be afraid to challenge obstacles. Everyone deserves a second chance.


Nataly Restokian


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