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The very well known Lebanese journalist Mrs. Hala El Murr following up the latest news of the novel “Masks”

خاص الفن- “الأقنعة” لـ ناتالي رستوكيان يتحدّى العالمية وينتظر الجائزة صرّحت الكاتبة ​ناتالي رستوكيان​ لموقع الفن بأن إحدى الشركات العالمية طلبت منها أن ترسل كتابها، الذي يحمل عنوان “الأقنعة”، إليها للمراجعة ولكي يتم ترشيحه إلى جائزة عالمية، ليكون من بين الـ 140 كتابا المرشّحة لهذه الجائزة المهمة.وتمنّت ناتالي أن يكون كتابها من بين الكتب التي ستربح..

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Hello world! An Author Note About “Masks”

The novel is inspired by actual life events. The paradox and the pain that I have lived, witnessed, and seen in the world of celebrities in the Arab world in secret for years made me realize that sometimes dreams that most women desire could turn out to be their worst nightmares. During the luxurious years..

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A 4-Star Review of “Masks” from Literary Titan

A 4-Star Review of “Masks” from Literary Titan: “Masks by Nataly Restokian is salacious from the very beginning. We’re brought into the story where two relative strangers are having a one-night stand, one married woman with a lover on the side! It may appear to be an adult erotica novel at first, but keep reading, this..

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