A wonderful book by my dear Friend and Coach Nataly Restokian.


Alena Lendaro reviews MASKS.

“I was in love with everything that my eyes saw as beautiful”

“This is beautiful“ was my first thought when I closed the book after having read the last page. I had to sit for a minute and let the story pass through my mind one more time. This is not only a story about an amazing journey. It is the narrative of a woman, who had the strength to show the world a part of herself. It is eye-opening about what is happening behind the curtains of high society by our side daily without us noticing. MASKS is a beautiful and strong message, emphasizing the complexity of cultural pressure and the fight of women, trying to find their belonging in a fast-paced and historically burdened environment. With her main character „Anna“, Nataly Restokian created an image in the Arabic world, picturing the circumstances of fame and the path it takes to achieve it, by showing more facets of her character in each chapter. Besides being exciting and emotional, this book is also incredibly educational and by introducing the reader deeper into Annas world, uncovering how extraordinary she is, Anna also lets you learn about yourself. She gives you the chance to grow with her.
“I was not competent enough to understand that the only everlasting beauty is the kindness, honesty, and virtue that lies in the heart.“ (p. 215. Chapter: The boy with the lazy eye)

MASKS. A wonderful book by my dear Friend and Coach Nataly Restokian. Already looking forward what is next to come….



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